Bumilangit star expands to Southeast Asia – The Jakarta Post

The recover of Destiny, a initial English book of a comic adaption of Indonesian superhero film Gundala, noted a start of a array of vital partnerships between Indonesian egghead skill association Bumilangit Enterprise and Singapore-based Shogakukan Asia. 
Officially launched on Feb. 1 during Kinokuniya bookstore in Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta, for a Indonesian market, a comic book has been marketed in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and other countries in Southeast Asia given final December.
“This partnership will open doors for Indonesian comics and IP works underneath a government of Bumilangit to strech new readers in a segment and serve beyond,” Bumilangit CEO and owner Bismarka Kurniawan pronounced during a launch.
Universe expansion: Bumilangit Enterprise CEO Bismarka Kurniawan (left) and Shogakukan Asia CEO Bunshio Kajiya launch a English ed…

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