Release of Omar depicts India’s double standards

New Delhi urged to set all Kashmiri detainees free

Srinagar, March 25 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the release of former puppet chief minister and the Vice President of National Conference, Omar Abdullah, has raised questions about the double standards adopted by the Indian authorities towards the illegal detention of Hurriyat leaders and activists.

While the Indian authorities have released its former puppet, Omar Abdullah, hundreds of Kashmiris including Hurriyat leaders Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmed Shah and Aasiya Andrabi continue to remain lodged in different Indian jails under fake cases hundreds and thousands miles away from their homes.

Different segments of Kashmir society have said, the main question is that aren’t incarcerated common Kashmiris humans that they are not set free.

They said, common Kashmiris welcome release of politicians like Omar Abdullah, but they want equal treatment of their loved ones in jails. “It is deplorable that the Indian rulers are ignoring calls of release of Kashmiris amid mounting concern over coronavirus pandemic. Global Human Rights groups have repeatedly raised concern about the condition of Kashmiri prisoners in Indian jails. Families of the detained Kashmiris are worried about their well-being,” they said.

These segments of society said the release of Kashmiri political prisoners is a genuine demand amid spread of coronavirus in jails. However, Indian rulers are turning a blind eye to the pathetic condition of Kashmiri Hurriyat detainees and deliberately prolonging their unlawful detention for their political benefits, they added.

They pointed out that India is practicing all methods of coercion, oppression and arm twisting to punish the Kashmiris for challenging its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Several countries are releasing their prisoners, but India continues to imprison Kashmiris on fictitious charges, they said. India brazenly violating Geneva Convention on prisoners’ rights, however its cruel tactics would not be able to deter the Kashmiris to pursue their freedom, they added.

Various segments of Kashmir society maintained that New Delhi must be taken to task for keeping thousands of Kashmiris in prisons on fake charges. “World institutions should press India to release Kashmiri prisoners amidst coronavirus scare. The global community must come to the rescue of illegally detained Kashmiri prisoners,” they added.