THE Asia University Rankings 2020: a spectrum of excellence

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The new entrants in this year’s Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings denote a farrago of institutions opposite a continent and prominence that a list does not prerogative only a singular indication of excellence.

Almost 80 universities opposite 21 territories have assimilated a list this year, and their strengths and weaknesses are as different as their countries of origin, as is clear from these “spider” charts. The charts arrangement a scores that a tip 5 visitor universities achieved on a 5 pillars underpinning a ranking methodology.

Macau University of Science and Technology, for instance, gains a ideal measure for general opinion and is also really clever on reference impact, though it performs most some-more feeble in a areas of training environment, investigate sourroundings and attention income. Universiti Brunei Darussalam has a identical form though somewhat reduce scores.

Elsewhere, a Indian Institute of Technology Ropar and a University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan both grasp tip scores for reference impact, though have most room for alleviation in a 4 other areas measured, quite investigate environment.

Asia rankings 2020 graphic

In contrast, Beijing Normal University is an all-rounder; it has no important strengths or weaknesses though achieves medium scores in all 5 areas.

Meanwhile, a map shows a tip informal collaborators for 5 inhabitant flagship universities, formed on a series of publications (excluding institutions from within a same territory). The thicker a joining line, a larger a series of co-authored publications between a dual institutions.

The commentary exhibit that a tiny organisation of universities in mainland China and Hong Kong are pivotal collaborators for all a institutions, nonetheless South Korea’s Seoul National University is slightest reliant on these regions and also partners closely with institutions in Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

The draft also shows a incompatible strength of a collaborations. The partnership between a University of Hong Kong and a tip informal co-operator (China’s Sun Yat-Sen University) is roughly twice as cultivatable in terms of essay volume as a National University of Singapore’s attribute with a tip partner (the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

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