ASEAN knows that Trump does not have a transparent prophesy for Asia

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo inspected a matter released by ASEAN, during a 11 member South East Asian informal organization’s  virtual limit hold in June, that had alluded to China’s assertive proceed vis-à-vis a South China Sea Issue, and fortitude of a brawl underneath a UNCLOS 1982 (United Nations Convention on a Law of a Sea). More recently, Pompeo settled that Washington would behind any republic that felt that a government was being disregarded by Beijing

Said a US Secretary of State:

‘We will go yield them a assistance we can, either that’s in multilateral bodies, either that’s in ASEAN, either that’s by authorised responses, we will use all a collection we can,’

Pompeo had also indicted Beijing of seeking a ‘maritime empire’.

Statements by US diplomats stationed in ASEAN countries

It is not only Pompeo, comparison US diplomats stationed in a ASEAN segment have lashed out during China’s position on a South China Sea, and a assertive vigilant as good as hegemonic designs. Chinese diplomats were dismissive of a assertions of US diplomats.

While a US Ambassador to Philippines, Sung Kim, had extended support to Philippines in a ‘West Philippines Sea’ (a tenure used by Manila for a apportionment of a South China Sea that it claims is partial of a Exclusive Economic Zone).In an article patrician ‘The Philippines’ Future Floats in a West Philippine Sea’ a US Ambassador pronounced that Washington would mount with Philippines and other South East Asian nations to say a manners formed sequence that inspected a ‘sovereign rights of all states’

The US Ambassador also stated, that scientists of both countries should raise systematic partnership in a ‘West Phillipines Sea’ underneath a US-Philippines Science and Technology Agreement sealed in 2019.

The claims of a US Ambassador, perceived a clever greeting from a Chinese Ambassador in Philippines, Huang Xilian. In an talk with a Manila Times, Huang Xilian argued that South East Asian countries should find to solve their disputes  with China, and not tumble into a US trap. The Chinese Diplomat also stated, that US was perplexing to emanate instability in South East Asia.

An opinion square by a US Diplomat, George N Sibley on Jul 18 formed in Myanmar led to a fight of words. In his opinion piece, a US diplomat had indicted China of holding advantage of a pandemic, and using severe shod over other countries, by impinging on their approved rights as good as their government (the US diplomat was alluding to China’s deception of a National Security Law in Hong Kong, and Beijing’s assertive poise in a South China Sea)

Said a Diplomat:

‘Instead of island building, it takes a figure of infrastructure projects and special mercantile zones that raise on debt and concede regulatory control, and advantage China distant some-more than they do a people of Myanmar.”

China discharged these allegations, saying that a US diplomat was perplexing to emanate a difference between Naypyidaw and Beijing, and that both countries common considerate relations. The diplomat also stated, that in a past Washington had not stood by Myanmar when it was in trouble.

China-Myanmar relations

It is true, that there have been differences between China and Myanmar over a Myitsone Dam  (which had to be suspended due to romantic antithesis of locals) and a strategically critical Kyaukpyu low sea pier (which was renegotiated), as also on confidence issues. Yet during Xi Jinping’s revisit to Myanmar 33 agreements were signed, with a concentration being on a China-Myanmar Economic mezzanine (CMEC) an critical member of a Belt and Road Initiative. Economic ties between both countries have strengthened. Myanmar’s essential geographical position, creates it an critical member in China’s idea for informal connectivity.

Similarly, ties with Philippines are complex. While on a one hand, Duterte is ostensible to have veered towards China, Manila had corroborated Vietnam in a brawl with China in a South China Sea in Apr 2020 ( The falling of a Vietnamese fishing vessel by a Chinese seashore ensure boat had led to rising tensions between Beijing and Hanoi).

Philippine  Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jnr also voiced regard over Chinese naval drills in a Paracel Islands (the drills were hold from Jul 1-July 5).

Can ASEAN means to make a choice

In annoy of being wakeful of China’s assertive poise ASEAN does not unequivocally wish to chose between Washington and Beijing and this indicate was emphasized by Singapore PM, Hsien Loong in an essay titled, The Endangered Asian Century: American, China and a Perils of Confrontation published by Foreign Policyin Jun 2020.

Days after his re-election, a Singapore PM spoke to a Chinese President, and both reiterated a significance of shared team-work for traffic with covid19, as good as shortening a mercantile consequences of a pandemic. The swell associated to connectivity projects, as good as underneath a powerful of a Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was also discussed by both leaders.

More recently during an communication with a US think-tank, a Singapore PM called for a fast US process in Asia, where it worked closely with allies.

Duterte in an residence to a republic also stated, that Philippines could not means fight with China and indispensable to solve a emanate diplomatically.


In conclusion, while it is loyal that ASEAN countries might be heedful of Beijing’s expansionist tendencies, they can not disremember their mercantile interests, as good as geographical vicinity to China. Like other regions, there is also a feeling in ASEAN that a Trump Administration does not have a transparent prophesy for Asia.

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