Brands Abandon Asia Workers in Pandemic

Garment bureau workers wear face masks as they finish their work shift, nearby Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 20, 2020. (c) 2020 AP Photo/Heng Sinith (London) – Apparel brands’ business practices in response to COVID-19 are exacerbating a mercantile predicament of millions of mantle workers in Asia, Human Rights Watch pronounced today. Scores of wardrobe brands and retailers […]

March 31, 2020 How Is Central Asia Handling COVID-19?

Advertisement The coronavirus pestilence has presented a vital exam of domestic and general governance. Central Asian governments arrange low on tellurian indices of state ability and freedom, both of that are vicious factors that establish a efficacy of measures to conduct a pandemic. As experts have rushed to offer discernment on how states are doing […]

The Geopolitics of Southeast Asia’s Coronavirus Challenge

Advertisement After months of conjecture about an understated coronavirus plea in Southeast Asia, COVID-19 finally left informal in Southeast Asia as approaching over a past week: with all eleven countries finally induction during slightest one case. While evaluating COVID-19’s specific impacts on a segment or assessing supervision opening is beforehand given a elaborating inlet of […]